Introducing Sunflower & Sal – The New Range of Sunflower Seed Butter and Date Butter

Hello and welcome to the first blog post by Sunflower & Sal!

We are excited to announce the launch of our healthy and handmade sunflower seed butter and date butter. Our butter is made using natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans. Plus, it contains no additives or preservatives or palm oil.

Using our butter is an easy and tasty way to eat healthily - and provides many benefits, such as reducing your refined sugar intake and introducing lots of nutrients, healthy fats and protein into your diet.

So, if you wish to include a healthy alternative in your lifestyle, then try our butter!

Why choose Sunflower & Sal butter?

Our products are:
• 100% plant based
•  Handmade in small batches

Our products contain:
• All-natural ingredients
• No additives or preservatives
• No palm oil

Sunflower Seed Butter

• Slow Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter
• Chai Spiced Coconut & Sunflower Seed Butter
• Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter

Date Butter

• Smooth Date Butter
• Pomegranate Date Butter
• Chipotle Chilli Date Butter

Our products make a great addition to any meal, sweet or savoury. Why not try adding our butter to your cooking or baking. We love topping toast with our chocolate sunflower seed butter or stirring our chai cpiced coconut & sunflower seed butter into porridge. Try using our smooth date butter instead of sugar or honey, or our chipotle chilli date butter as a glaze or marinade.

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Our founder, Sal, believes that just because a product is free from additives or preservatives does not mean it has to be bland. So, with this in mind, she experimented with different flavours and ingredients and created our delicious butter – all the flavour without any of the additives, preservatives, refined sugars or palm oil.

At Sunflower & Sal, we hand-make each product in small batches, making sure that you get the best and most delicious product. We use only the best ingredients, including specially selected sunflower seeds and a unique mix of dates. We care about our environmental impact, so we do not include any palm oil in our products - and we never use plastic packaging.

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We hope you enjoy our butter as much as we enjoy making it.

If you have any queries or simply want to say hello, then please feel free to email us at